#5 - In Pursuit

IMG_2488 2.jpg

I want to have rewarding reflections
And laugh through the tears
Supportive connections
With respect from my peers
Formative perspective
While conquering my fears
And avoid that feeling in the morning when I’ve drank too many beers

I’ll take the paper from my pocket
And make it into change
Pull the plug out of the socket
Then look up into space
Put my heart on a locket
So you can wear it every day
And hope the metal never rusts and that the chain won’t ever break

I want to have a home I can work on
With children to rear
Someone who loves me
And a successful career
Stay close with my family
Try to see them twice a year
And make casual conversation without sounding cavalier

I want to travel to an island
And lay out on the beach
Learn as much as I can
Then turn around and teach
Exercise often
And watch what I eat
Aim for perfection, but know I'll never be complete

I want to write clever stories
Where the plot always twists
Develop my characters
So you feel like they exist
Keep you leaning forward
Then when they're just about to kiss
I'll drop a hint about a sequel and leaving you hanging off a cliff