#3 - Afternoon Naps, Coyotes, Fire, & Snakes

Mmmmmm, roll, yawn, stretch, toss, twist
Smacking my lips, the fan blows a kiss
Hot summer naps are royal
Dreamlike and steamy
My back cracks
My knees weak
I’m sleepy
A smile on my cheeks
As my eyes start to peek
It’s still light out
Bright somehow

The setting sun makes its way behind the mountains
They’re on fire now
The smoke rises up slowly
Mixing with the clouds
A sunbeam
Like one of those heaven-sent imageries
The rays cut diagonally and attach themselves nicely on the hillside

The brown grass and green trees
Blue skies through branches and leaves
Dirt paths and earth tones
I saw a bull snake on the gravel road
Or maybe it was a rattler
I couldn’t quite place its head shape
A diamond’s hard edges and geometry
Angles eluded me as he slithered away

Once before on another gorgeous day
A coyote ran and played with a black dog
In the tall grass it wasn’t easy to spot right away
As they dipped and dived and fake fought their way
Nearer and nearer to the footpath I took past their position in the bushes

At last, once I passed
And the black dog ran back to its owner
I noticed the coyote look over
His eyes were wild and his stare had me gripped
His coat brown and grey, with a white-bellied accent
The bush of his tail made it clear as he left
A side profile shot, his ears, and his gestures
These movements more resembling that of a wolf
A lost dog, long ago
Making his way from the woods
To the foot of mankind
It was there that I stood